At Heywoods, we help many of our clients with the preparation of periodic accounts from sole traders and partnerships to small and medium sized corporate entities such as limited companies and limited liability partnerships. Depending on the size of your business, we can tailor our work to deliver the set of accounts you require on a timely basis.

Our service of preparing accounts includes an annual meeting to talk about your accounts discussing how the business has performed, any tax issues arising and your plans for the year ahead for your business.

As required by the Companies Act, corporate entities are required to complete and file accounts with Companies House within 9 months of the end of its accounting period. These accounts should be prepared in accordance with the act so it is important that correct accounts are prepared to avoid any penalties being issued.

Preparing accounts should not just be about meeting a HM Revenue and Customs or Companies House deadline, but can also be a useful tool for assisting with any tax planning.

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